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Need For Speed Most Wanted apk

EA and Criterion decided to do the reboot for Need For Speed: Most Wanted which was released in 2005 silam.Sebelumnya, reported that the latest sequel of Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted will slide in November 2012. However, recently through E3, the game will slide earlier in October.

following the success of Need for Speed: Most Wanted which reaped many positive comments. Eurogamer editor Kristan Reed wrote the review game Need for Speed: Most Wanted is quite impressive.

Reported Thesixthaxis, the sequel to Most Wanted is a racing game that previously had been released in 2005. Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted (NFS: MW) is a racing video games or developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts.

This is the ninth game in the Need for Speed ​​series. This game has had a race oriented area with a particular choice of series Need for Speed ​​Underground.

The game is succeeded by Need for Speed. Carbon, as a sequel to Most Wanted, and Need for Speed. World, which featured two cities Rockport and Palmont, as a substitute for the sequel Most Wanted and Carbon.

Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted 2 was launched on 30 October 2012. The game will be available on various consoles such as Xbox 360, PS3, and PC and PlayStation Vita handheld console.

It seemed odd that a racing game that in fact there is no story can be rebooted. The premise dariNeed for Speed: Most Wanted this new still the same, there are 10 Most Wanted people who each have a special car, and we must try to defeat them one by one and took their car in order to become the number one Most Wanted.

But do not think of Need for Speed: Most Wanted this new still played the same way with Need for Speed: Most Wanted in 2005. Criterion has changed the gameplay of Need for Speed: Most Wanted that feels like Burnout.

For those who remember the previous Criterion games, Burnout Paradise, Need for Speed: Most Wanted is also similar to the theme of the game is open-world racing. We can freely roam Fairhaven, the city where the drivers race wildly freely (with little interference from the authorities).

Unlike Need for Speed ​​usual, in this game have to do with car upgrades melakukanevent specifically given to the car. So to get Nitrous, we have completed the first event, and so on. There are five events per car to get it over with some kind of standard events: Circuit, Sprint, Speed ​​Run (average speed), Ambush (chased by the police trying to escape) danMost Wanted Race. By completing the event, we will also get the Speed ​​Points are used to determine our right to challenge the owners of cars Most Wanted.

The main star of Need for Speed: Most Wanted is the police going crazy trying to catch us when we caught racing or disturb them, for example by hitting them from the front. They will present both when we race, or when we were heading to a point.

For fans of high speed racing, Need for Speed: Most Wanted is very satisfying. In fact our car was so high speed, sometimes we do not have time to avoid other traffic that comes to stand in our way. Do not forget to Burnout fans, this game gives us an opportunity to destroy the opponent's car hit their way into the wall or into the abyss.
Need for Speed: Most Wanted is no longer using the arrows at the side of the road system to indicate the direction of the race. It is now replaced by a system check point. This means that we can be free anywhere in the car driving reached a critical next check point. But this would bother for them unusual attention to the map in the lower left corner when the race and when the race would often stray.

Unfortunately, Need for Speed: Most Wanted does not support visual car customization. This is because faktorcar-Criterion damage which can not be done if the players can do the customization in the form of a car. Options for manual gear did not exist, all have automatic, live racing course ala Burnout
How to get the car in the game is also a bit different from the previous games. No longer do we buy a car or unlock the car, but we must explore Fairhaven and find cars that we can use. If you've found a hidden car, then we can immediately move to the parked car and continue with the game.

There are a variety of cars in Need for Speed: Most Wanted, ranging from a standard car Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 sorts, to the pickup truck, hummer, even to the sports car made similar to F1 cars, the Ariel Atom. One thing lacking from this game is the choice of car Japanese car choices are limited. No Mazda, Toyota and so although there are Mitsubishi and Nissan.

A new feature in Need for Speed: Most Wanted is EasyDrive. No longer do we need to access the menu and pause the game to check the racing, modified cars and looking for opponents, we just need to press the button while driving. So while racing at high speed, we can just suddenly change the tires into tire for off-road if we need. However, this feature requires precision because it seems to be recognized, high-speed access in the menu the same as reading an SMS while we were speeding on the highway. Very dangerous!

Fortunately with the EasyDrive we can do retry and retry last race event with a direct, without the need to pause. Simply pressing some shortcut keys, then we will be able to instantly repeat the last race event we do.
Once satisfied with the race, we can still explore Fairhaven and find collectibles. In Need for Speed: Most Wanted, we can collectibles collection is of course a variety of hidden cars, Speed ​​Camera, Security Gates to break down, and a variety of Billboard says "EA", "BioWare", "Visceral" and so on to be destroyed.

Graphically, Need for Speed: Most Wanted show Fairhaven town well. Damage also appeared to convince car so we can see how a car wreck caused by violent collisions that occur, like ringseknya Rally car. One odd thing is probably the game's designers when menciptakancutscene. Ever seen a car run on air? Or shaded police car and a big wheel? I'm pretty sure it's not a glitch, but a cutscene early in the race. Perhaps the designer was smoke marijuana when making the cutscene.
It's pretty good graphics, but it was so realistiknya, sometimes the race we were disturbed by sun glare. Besides the selection point of view there are only two, normal viewpoint behind the car and the angle of view of the bumper car is too low.
Need for Speed: Most Wanted has a fairly good audio. But to listen to songs that provided, we have to increase the volume because the song closes with the sound of a car engine. Voice actingjuga clear enough voice calling police what was happening on the radio.
There are a variety of multiplayer features that we can do, Single Race, Team Race, Speed ​​Camera Test, Jump Distance Test, Drift Distance Test, FreeDrive Challenges and Feature Elimination. We will also be accompanied by Autolog that will compare our records with records of friends.
Need for Speed: Most Wanted Need for Speed ​​is not traditional. This game is more like denganBurnout Paradise, an open-world city where we can destroy it, and the race was so high-speed bebas.balapannya was even more frequent accidents.


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